A mighty local wedding in west clare, with nothing but craic, laughter, love and happy memories Aoife & Paul

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What Bride made her bridesmaid cut her wedding dress in half after her first dance because she had the absolute sh**s of it?

How many couples can say one guest ended up in A & E , and came back to party?

How many brides got a pint of Guinness poured down on top of them?

You live, you laugh and you have the craic.

Honestly, where do I start Olga 🙂 ( MrsRedhead )

I still remember my first wedding I did with you, and that was going back maybe even 7 years ago? If not sooner.

Your vibe, your energy, your craic, your professionalism, but your talent. Doing weddings all the time you meet so many suppliers, but something about you stuck with me from day one. You were an absolute legend on our wedding day. In the worlds of Paul, ‘she was a one shot wonder, photo taken , job done’ . Even when the weather went completely against us, you still had photos were it looked like it didn’t. You were so much fun, so cool, so calm, and just did what needed to be done. You captured every moment, but especially the ones me and Paul didn’t get to see made it all the more special. I don’t think you can put a price on someone with your talent & skill, and I’ll be forever grateful for the beautiful job you did with our wedding photos.

You are just incredible.

Mr & Mrs O Looney xxx


One of the most special things I feel I did for the wedding day, was getting married in Coore Church (Paul’s church) . Paul’s mom (Carmel Walsh) passed away tragically in 2003 before I got a chance to meet her. Her grave is right outside the door of this church, and they have a beautiful window dedicated to her as you walk into the church. To some people it may mean nothing, but to me I felt like I was getting married to her only son, and she was right beside us in spirit. I also sent our bouquets to a lady in England, to dry / press , and put them into a beautiful frame that I can leave on her grave for life. I’m hoping they’ll be ready in time for her birthday this year.

What made the day really special and personal to you?

Because I do and see weddings every week, I think it’s fair to say I’ve seen it all at this stage. What made it so personal for me, was being able to have my favourite suppliers that I work with regularly be a part of our special day. I had a relationship with most of them, had worked with them all previous, and knew they would do an amazing job. Even down to our car drivers (close friends) and dog sitter (one of my dear clients) , everyone involved in this Looney Tunes wedding had a connection to us and that’s why they were there.

Only our dads said a speech, which were both short & hilarious. My two left feet were dreading the first dance (did I mention I married an All Ireland Set Dancing Champion?!) and as much as I thought I should have gotten lessons, I said screw this we’ll let them play Derek Ryan and I’ll go back and forth and be grand. Speaking of which, my walking up the aisle, walking down the aisle, and first dance were all Derek Ryan. 

What made your venue “the one”?

The Armada always held a special place in our hearts. Paul would have been the building contractor for many renovations throughout the years, and so many of our wedding guests would have gotten married there or were a part in those upgrades also. Having been involved in the wedding industry myself for 11 years, I have fairly high standards in everything wedding related. The Armada is what you call top class in the wedding business, and it trumps any other venue in Co Clare, in my opinion.

What was important to you about your wedding – what were your priorities from the very beginning?

Our 13 year anniversary was the day before we got married. So needless to say we were in it for the long haul well before that stage. The wedding day itself was for everyone we, and our families cared for. We wanted a day we could celebrate us with everyone, and make memories that would last a lifetime. We knew before we signed any piece of paper we were in it until they end, but the day itself was to just laugh, smile, and have the craic with everyone with loved. Looking back on our beautiful photos & wedding video you wish you could do it all again in a heartbeat.

wedding photographer
West coast wild wedding by mrsredhead photography Armada Spanish Point
West coast wild wedding by mrsredhead photography Armada Spanish Point
wedding photographer

How did the proposal go, if there was one?

Ha, if I only I had enough time to tell you it in detail!!

To cut a LONG 13 year story short, I was hoping Paul would propose at any stage at least 3 years before he actually did. The weekend he finally did, I had hoped it was happening and even got Lauren to do my make up JUST in case. He got so nervous and scared he chickened out, waiting until I was in bed before we were heading home the following morning, rolled over and said ‘so will you marry me?’ I told him to ‘f**k off’ ‘you’re only asking me now because I’m sulking and upset you didn’t ask me earlier’. I then started balling my eyes out because when I saw his face, I realised this was actually happening, and he was terrified to ask me. Hilarious looking back, not at the time!!

How did you meet originally and get together?

Would you believe it started from a Facebook friend request almost 14 years ago. After a month of talking online, the night we arranged to meet up in person was Kev’s 18th, and Paul was going to drop us all home after the mont (we were all just gone 17, Paul was the 23 year old boyo driving an Altezza).

The absolute embarrassment of buying one drink in the spinnaker in lahinch, being told to clear out because we were all under age and Paul had to drop the babies home!! Once he dropped everyone home, myself and Paul drove all around Inagh / Spanish point / lahinch for 3 hours with me talking and he not getting a word in edge ways . Nothing has changed since. 

Where did you go/are you planning on going on honeymoon? Would you recommend it?

We fell in love with the skiing world back when Paul turned 30, and hadn’t gone since before Covid. So we said we go back to the slopes and that was our honeymoon. We tried somewhere new (Saalbach in Austria). Wasn’t a huge fan of this place for a few reasons , and it didn’t help that it didn’t snow at all for the week!! But this wasn’t a great year for snow in general. Either way the skiing and slopes were great, but my god you’d feel it in the legs when you haven’t been in a few years!

Photographer: Olga (Mrs Redhead Photography)

Second shooter : Eamon

● Videographer: Gerry (Limelight Wedding Films)

● Ceremony: Coore Church Co Clare

● Reception (if different): Armada Hotel Spanish Point , Co Clare

Wedding Dress : Brummel & Co Athlone

Suits : Patrick Burkes

Bridesmaids Dress : Closet London 

MOB : Klassy Lady’s Cahir 

● Shoes: Nozomi Ennis Co Clare

● Accessories: Fancy That (Ennistymon), Kinnoir, Etsy

● Flowers: West Clare Flowers 

● Cake: Michelle Clancy

● Cars: All owned by close friends & bride who drive snazzy cars 

● Wedding Favours: Armada 

● Stationery: Etsy

● Makeup: Lauren Sexton

● Hair: Mimis (Martina Garrihy)

● Wedding Rings: Collins Jewellers (Ennis,

Co Clare)

● Ceremony/Reception Music: Niamh Hogan (singing) Sean Neylon (instrumental pipes) 

● Band/DJ: Patrick Roche (band) Mike Fitz (DJ)

● Planning/Styling: Ri Wedding & Events 

A mighty local wedding in west clare, with nothing but craic, laughter, love and happy memories Aoife & Paul