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Just read that story…. I’m in love 🙂 It was truly amazing ceremony !

The ceremony location is a dream … Hag’s Head – Cliffs Of Moher Performed by Dara Molloy, Celtic priest.

A Nature-Based Celtic Wedding has four old celtic, pre-christian stations during the ceremony.

Holy Well, Standing Stone, Altar and Sundial.


Amy & Jake

Our wedding took place on Monday, June 6th, 2016.

I have always been a bit peculiar with numbers and was really determined to have it on an even date. As our planning process was continuously delayed (do to restoring our old house), our date was pushed deeper into spring and more into summer. We both also have a twisted sense of humour, and loved the idea of having our wedding date as “6-6-16”. Once we decided to marry in Ireland, we realized that the day of the week didn’t matter at all (since guests would be staying at least a week to see the country).

We got married on a cliff that is considered (by at least the Irish) to be the eighth wonder of the world. In all seriousness though: I’d wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher for as long as I can remember. I used to have dreams about them. I even painted them. I’m an American, however I was raised to be proud of my Irish decent. I heard many stories of drunken uncles pounding their fists on old wooden tables over a pint. I also grew up in a family full of high-strung redheads. So when we tried to elope and no one accepted that, we ended up having 30 of our closest family and friends travel abroad to watch us say our vows in a place that is anchored in my heart (and now Jake’s). I think the feeling- the emotion and love- and the trip that we took together with so many of our loved ones is what made the venue so special. That and the fact that Hotel Doolin was the best place we stayed in all of Ireland and Northern Ireland! A place where they make you feel welcome no matter how high-maintenance you are, or even if it’s the wee hours of the morning. Everyone that we came into contact with was nothing short of spectacular. The same can be said for the food- they could employ a worse chef and still get 5 stars. They also always have fresh cut wild flower arrangements everywhere, which is a detail I absolutely loved. During cocktail hour, Paul (our event-coordinator) even made sure they cut fresh mint from their garden for our mojitos. Really and truly- the entire town of Doolin from it’s B&B’s to it’s ridiculously scenic views is second to none.

I believe that we may have caught our wedding photographer right as her career took off, a fact that made us extremely lucky. Olga (Mrs. Redhead) is an amazingly talented woman with quite the eye. One of the reasons I was so drawn to her, is that her photos are candid- she somehow manages to capture those split seconds where the true emotion is ringing out. But our favourite thing about her was probably how cool, calm and fun she was. She had the same vibe as our entire bridal party and a huge flare about her. We even caught some trouble from a local farmer while taking photos after the ceremony, and she dealt with him in the most fabulous way. She made sure I didn’t worry about anything. Even when our itinerary changed around on the day-of: she made sure to stay later and get pictures of the dancing (which meant the world to me).

If I had to choose one special moment from the day, it would be right after the ceremony when Jake unexpectedly swooped me off the ground as we were walking “down the aisle” but actually up a hill on the Cliffs. The grass was so slippery I couldn’t even wear my shoes during the ceremony so the fact that he managed to pick me up so gracefully and get me up that hill without tumbling backwards was a miracle. Many people thought for sure he was going to drop me, but he didn’t. And Olga got the best shot of it! We also happened to have perfect weather, which is especially lucky in Ireland. I found a Child of Prague at a thrift store back home that I lugged all the way to County Claire and put out on my windowsill (along with a Rosary and Mala) the night before the wedding. All of which are separate traditions claiming to ward off rain on your wedding day. You could literally see the rain across the water on the Aran Islands, yet it never quite made it to the Cliffs. And of course the sun made an appearance as the ceremony finished. It was really special and picture-perfect.



Photographer:Olga Mrs. Redhead Photography

Ceremony: Hag’s Head site at the Cliffs of Moher

Reception: Hotel Doolin

Flowers: West Clare Flowers

Décor: Grace Events provided by Hotel Doolin

Officiate: Dara Molloy of the Aran Islands

Wedding Gown: Maggie Sotterro from CC’s Boutique in St. Petersburg Florida

Bride’s Accessories: necklace from BHLDN, gauges were made from Macy’s earrings and wine corks, the fur is a family heirloom, shoes from Beholden on Etsy

Bridesmaids: BHLDN, faux furs were found on eBay, jewellery from I & RFB Silversmith in Doolin

Groomsmen and Groom’s tuxes: Connolly Man in Limerick, Munster Ireland

Rehearsal Dinner: Gus O’Connor’s Pub

After party: Fitzpatrick’s Pub

An honourable mention to the B&B’s that accommodated our guests (everyone was very pleased):

Daly’s House (Susan was the best!!)

Twin Peaks

Dunroman House

The Seaview House

The Doolin Activity Lodge