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The Proper way to Elope in Ireland


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If you are eloping to Ireland or you would love to get your „after wedding” photoshoot somewhere unique and outstanding or maybe go there on your wedding day for our location photoshoot…

I’m here for you!

I can show you the perfect locations on west coast of Ireland to host your dream destination wedding. Sites full of pure magic and nowhere else on earth can beat the views. I know places where only a few people would have access so feel free to contact me and I will do my best to get you up there.


Elopement is now the new lavish wedding and many couples around the world are opting for it. In the past, elopement was inspired by lack of finances, unexpected pregnancies or disapproval by parents and society but not anymore. So, why would you elope instead of doing a traditional wedding? When it comes to matters of the heart, no two situations are the same and so are the expectations of a wedding.

It is true that elopement is a cheaper alternative and has no stress that comes with planning but it does not stop there. You may have dreamt of having a small, intimate and enormously satisfying wedding which is just about love and not a status symbol for the attendees. While this remain the greatest motivation behind elopement today, it is important that you handle it properly.


Elope to the most beautiful place on earth

The choice of location is very important for the success of any elopement. The west coast of Ireland is not only beautiful but also inspires your imaginations and soothes your soul.

From the village of Doolin, the gateway to the ancient sites of Aran Islands to the beautiful and iconic cliffs of Moher and the extensive dunes and beaches of Fanore, the landscape and experiences here are too beautiful to describe.

This makes it a perfect elopement secret destination.




The big day may belong to you and your partner alone but that does not mean that you don’t share the special moment with your friends and family.


Hire a good photographer and a videographer who can help you choose the best locations, organize your stays and access the unique cliffs while capturing every moment for your future references.

You may want to live stream the entire ceremony and allow your friends and family to follow the proceedings from far.




Send the announcements and celebrate it

Sometimes elopement is done without informing even the closest family members and friends and in such a case; you need to make the announcement as soon as you return from the elopement.

To avoid disappointing those who expected an elaborate wedding, it is good to make the announcements personally instead of through phone calls or prints. Make the situation even better by arranging a post-nuptial celebration with your family members and friends several weeks or months after the elopement.

While eloping has its own benefits, it is not for everyone and you should only go for it if you are sure to pull it off.

Fortunately, it is flexible and you can always adjust many aspects to suit your needs and still enjoy it. If you still feel that it is not for you, it is still right to opt for a traditional wedding or a destination wedding which is actually the middle ground between the two. But, whatever you decide, make sure you do it the right way.




Best places to elope to Ireland?

All the couples that come to Ireland to elope are looking for something very typically Irish. Let me help plan your destination wedding to Ireland. I have been helping couples to elope in Ireland for over 8 years.

Looking for a stunning castle, cliffs of moher or ancient ruins ? I know it all 🙂

If you need any help finding anything or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I can recommend the best, professional vendors i have worked with. Even other wedding photographers if I’m booked.



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