Windy Handfasting Ceremony at Doolin Pier – Alison & Rob’s Elopement in Ireland..

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Windy Handfasting Ceremony at Doolin Pier – Alison & Rob’s Elopement in Ireland..

It doesn’t happen too often ! I’m in love with this elopement in Doolin… It was nearly undoable ! The great Irish weather cannot be trusted but we did it… I could barely hold my cameras and myself !

Alison and Rob – we will remain friends forever ….


” So to start off…Rob and I have been together almost 4 years now and are anything but traditional.

We met over dinner and a movie that Rob had no intention of attending. Little did we know we were meeting each other’s soulmate in a blind date set up. From then on out, we were inseparable. To be honest, we started living together after a few weeks of dating and merged our things, our lives, our friends, and even our parking situation! We started traveling and exploring new things together, taking the vacations we always said were on the bucket list and were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, even though we managed to save to continue to move forwards and have new journeys together.

The next step was us looking for a house. We decided that if we had money for a ring and a wedding, but not towards a house, we had no business putting ourselves in that situation with debt. It took us almost 2 years of looking, but we finally found our home in April of 2017. Later that year, on our trip to Mexico in October, Rob proposed at Secrets Capri in Riviera Maya. Of course I accepted. With the return from our trip we were unsure of how to proceed with planning a wedding and reception. Like we’ve said before, we are not the super traditional type so we decided to elope. Many conversations later, with many late nights searching Google for ideas, we stumbled upon Ireland, which was a life goal for both of us, and clicked book! With Rob being one of 6 children in his family, and myself one of 3, we decided to keep it simple and invite parents only. Mine were luckily able to make the journey with us.

I searched the endless web for trip ideas and stumbled across Olga ( MrsRedhead Photo ) and the Sea View House in Doolin. I always have heard, “if it’s meant to be, it will be…”, and I could not agree more! We booked our trip and packed our bags to head across the pond. Three weeks prior to our departure we found out that my mother had a large mass in her brain but was cleared for the trip. Since our return she has had surgery and is completely fine, thank God, but this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of us! The Sea View House was lovely and Olga was perfect! Though we survived an Irish hurricane as Olga called it, I could not have asked for a better day! The winds were glorious and made the water breathtaking and perfect! We are truly blessed to have had our wedding day on the beautiful scenic lands of Ireland’s west coast. This trip and the people that were involved in making our wedding day perfect have touched our lives in a way that lasts forever and will never be forgotten!

Thank you, Olga! You are an angel and I feel as if we are old friends and could not have asked for a better person to share our day with!”

Love, Rob and Ali!





Through many long decisions and painstaking searches on Google, my husband and I finally decided to elope in Doolin, Ireland. Now the fun began. With us being from the US, how do you go about finding the people you need for your special day in Europe!? There’s an old saying, “if it is meant to be then it will be…”. This is definitely the case with our luck on finding Olga! From the very start of our emails back and forth I knew I had found “The One”! Being someone that does hair and makeup for weddings, I am very artistic and have an eye for the creative. As soon as I started looking through photos and going through the blogs I knew that I absolutely adored Olga’s creative and artistic style. Everything about our day was magical and without the perfect photographer, over time, the memories fade. This will never be the case for Rob and myself. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day and making it magical. You are absolutely perfect and lovely, and you will never know how much you touched our lives by being there on our wedding day and I truly hope to see you again someday! To everyone reading this review who is debating on the photographer, stop debating and start booking! You will not be disappointed!


Photographer – Olga MrsRedhead Photography

Venue – Sea View house in Doolin

Celebrant – one and only Dara Molloy

Ceremony at Doolin Pier

McDermott’s Pub