Barberstown Castle Dream Wedding – Leanne and Jordan by MrsRedhead Photography Ireland

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Barberstown Castle Dream Wedding – Leanne and Jordan by MrsRedhead Photography Ireland

I’ll never forget it. I was so over whelmed with gratitude for my life and everything that had to happen to make the day happen.

We had been also going through the green card process so there were a few high stress times on the run up to the day, but it all meted a way and the day went perfectly. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

I knew it was going to be simple and relatively small. As I was planning it from the US I really wanted to have as little to worry about as possible.

The venue was so beautiful I knew I wouldn’t have to add any outside decorations. It was our families first time to meet so not only was it a special day for us but it was also so special to see our two families come together and bond so well on the first meeting. I really felt so loved that day,

I could not recommend Mrs. Redhead more.

She was absolutely amazing. You hardly knew she was there and yet the photos all came out perfect- there isn’t one bad one in the bunch. I love her style and her attitude is so chilled out. She really did capture the day perfectly. Could not be happier with the photos.There are a million things about the day that were special but one reason in particular stands out.

Three weeks after the wedding, my Granny passed away at the age of 94.

She knew her time was coming to an end but she was able to make it to our special day. Not only that but she made her outfit for the day and the day after, without even using a pattern, She was so talented up until the end. She had a fantastic day, everyone made her feel like a Queen and she got to see us all so happy and together one last time. I’m so happy to have the beautiful photos of us from the day, such beautiful memories to have.

In August 2014, unbeknownst to each other, Jordan and I both decided to move to Dubai .

Jordan got an opportunity to be the stage manager at a restaurant/nightclub in Dubai and I got a job teaching music in another emirate in the UAE called Ras Al Khaimah, about 120km from Dubai. So how did we meet? Flash forward to the 7th of December when low and behold – we matched on Tinder. We started chatting straight away and that was that. I still have every single message we ever sent to each other, looking back on them is very cute. (I attached that first message exchange- such romance :P)

As it was so close to the Christmas holidays it took us a few weeks to actually meet in person. I went from to Ireland for 3 weeks (I was contemplating staying at home as I was not enjoying my job- luckily I changed my mind).

When I got back to Dubai we organized to meet at the nightclub he worked and the rest is history. We saw each other every weekend after that and in the next school year I changed schools and moved to Dubai. We stayed there for two more years before moving to Doha, Qatar for a year. It was in Qatar that we got engaged. In February this year my visa was approved and I moved to Seattle, Washington and 5 days later we had our first wedding- the courthouse wedding. Jordan’s job was taking him to Chicago, so we spent a few months in Seattle before starting the 2064 mile drive from Seattle to Chicago in May and we have been here since.

What was important to you about your wedding – what were your priorities from the very beginning?

I knew that we were only invited people who we actually wanted there- that was one of my main priorities. I’m so happy I did it was so special. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune either and it’s another way to keep it simple. We used online invites, didn’t have a ceremony booklet, asked my uncle to drive me, didn’t have a videographer- just a few things that saved us a few thousand.

What made your venue “the one”?

Honestly I didn’t go see any venues. I did some research on line and picked out a few places. I thought it would be nice to get married in a castle as my husband’s family are all from America so I thought that would be a special experience. I wasn’t in the country so I asked my mother and my sister to go have a look at the first place on my list, Barberstown Castle. They both loved it and I knew that if they liked it I would too- I definitely trust their opinions.

How did the proposal go?

Phew ok where to start. As I mentioned we had moved to Qatar in 2017 after our time in Dubai. It was Thanksgiving weekend and Jordan and I were having a Thanksgiving dinner with a few friends. Our friend was cooking and we were watching The Notebook-everything seemed extremely normal-except for the fact that Jordan kept asking me to follow him everywhere which was strange but I didn’t take too much notice. Before the dinner I got up to help clean up, and next thing I heard my photo beep – weird because I knew it was on silent and I didn’t bring it into the kitchen but there it was. I looked at the message and it was Jordan asking me to come out the back – which again, was so weird because like I said he had been asking me to come everywhere with him. When I went out the back I see Jordan, he had changed into a suit and had a bouquet of flowers (and no shoes on). There is a table set and there were little baskets on it– note I still had no idea what was coming. So Jordan wishes me Happy Thanksgiving and starts telling me all the things he’s thankful for about me, each basket having something to represent the reasons. Next thing he is stands up, takes a ring out of his pocket, kneels down and proposes. I was in shock as I genuinely thought it was just a sweet gesture for thanksgiving. He proposed with his Grandmothers ring- which was just a token until I picked out my own but I loved it and asked if I could keep it. The band was a bit thin so we were able to reinforce the band with my own grandmothers wedding ring so to say it is very special is an understatement.

● Photographer: Olga – Mrs Redhead Photography

Second Photographer : Aleks Skibniewska

● Ceremony: Barberstown Castle, Straffan, Co. Kildare

● Wedding Dresses/Suits: I got my dress in Brummel & Co in Athlone and Jordan got his suit at Tom Ford.

● Bridesmaids dresses/Groomsmen suits/Wedding party outfits: Bridesmaid dress was from Maynooth dresses, Groomsman whore his own wedding suit, not sure where from and mother of the bride was from Lynch’s of Banagher.

● Shoes: My shoes were Amy Huberman.

● Accessories: Picked up in a vintage shop in Chicago.

● Flowers: Milands Garden Centre and Florist, Mountbellew, Co. Galway

● Cake: Molloy’s Bakery and Fine Food Emporium, Co. Roscommon.

● Makeup: Natalie Devine (@nataliedevinebeauty)

● Hair: Linz Curley

● Wedding Rings: Jordan’s grandmothers ring. Which we later combined with my grannys.

● Ceremony/Reception Music: Jordan’s brother, Geoffrey.

● Band/DJ: The Mixtape

Shout out to my sister for the photo collages.